Update on thatMLMbeat: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A couple of weeks ago, well, more like 6 weeks ago, I attempted to do the last post on thatMLMbeat.com before launching our new platform. Being optimistic with the programming that had to be done, I was close to a 100% certain that we would be up and running by now.

But with intense programming, pages of flowcharts and other technical jargon that I don’t want to bore you with, we unfortunately hit a road block.

I wanted to make sure that we cover each little aspect of our social network and deal with all the complications so that it will be a more user friendly system for our community.

Bare in mind, it’s not just any social network, this one has a HUGE twist that will help all network marketers from all companies and systems brand themselves to generate a plethora of leads, etc.

Trust me, it’ll be well, well worth it… muahahaha, muahahaha! (Cheesy laugh with my little finger in my mouth aka Dr. Evil in Austin Powers in the pic)

Okay, maybe that’s a sign that I’ve been stuck behind my computer for waaayy too long!

Back to thatMLMbeat…

So basically the road block means that every little bit of programming that has been done for the past 7 weeks are now worthless. That will be the bad news.

The good news is that it was quite a learning curve and after re doing all the flowcharts and about 14 screen recordings, we are back on track!

So, as from today, we are starting the project from scratch, but this time I am more than 100% sure that we have covered every aspect of our system. But…


In the next few days I will upload a survey to get down to the real reasons why people join a network marketing business. This survey will run over several weeks
And if you participate, we will forward you the detailed report as a gift which will help you clarify the psychology and emotional reasons why people get involved in network marketing. I will add the link to the survey on the next post.

Have a prosperous week!

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