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Make Money Online: The 7 Secrets Of Internet Marketing

7 Secrets of Internet Marketing

Are you losing money with your Internet Marketing Business? If not, are you making less than you hoped to? Would you like to know how to earn more?

If the answer to any of these questions was “Yes”, this article will give you the secrets to building the business you desire, but first you must understand three principles.

First Principle:

What goes around comes around. If your motivation is just to make money, you might as well quit now. Your motivation has to be to help people by providing something they want or need: the money comes as a result of filling that want or need.

Second Principle:

You will need to invest some of your own money, as well as time, to build any business. You will also need to reinvest your profits to build the business. Anything else is just a hobby.

Third Principle:

There is no magic button – you will have to work at it. It may not be hard work, but you will need to work consistently, according to a plan, for some period of time. Depending on the business and the tools you choose, that time may be measured in weeks, months or years.

The good news is that it will all be worth it: you CAN have a successful Internet Business if you apply these three principles and learn the Seven Secrets.

Secret 1: A Product

You must have something that other people want – a product. It may be your own product or service, or someone else’s product that you get paid for promoting. Whatever it is, it must be something that

  • interests you personally,
  • you believe in, and
  • has a market.

Secret 2: An Autoresponder

You will need to build an online relationship with your prospects and customers through email. An autoresponder is the tool for this: it enables you to send personalized emails to every prospect or customer you have.

Secret 3: A Lead Capture Page

You may not need a full website, but you certainly need a web page where people (prospects) can leave their name and email address to enable you to contact them. This page should include some incentive for them to give you their information: a newsletter,a free gift or a special offer.

Secret 4: A Sales Page

Once signed up, a prospect becomes a lead. Your financial goal is to sell this lead your product, and for this you will need a sales page, describing what the product will do to satisfy your lead’s needs or wants.

Secret 5: Follow-up emails

Leads don’t generally buy from you unless they know you, like you and trust you not to cheat them. The follow-up emails build this relationship for you. If your product has these emails already prepared for you to use, so much the better: you may edit them to match your own personality if you choose.

Secret 6: A Traffic Builder

trafficNone of this works if nobody sees your offer: you need traffic. There are many ways to build traffic if you don’t mind waiting a few years, but a good solo ad provider is the secret to building your business fast. Solo ads are advertisements sent out by a solo ad provider on your behalf. They are not free, but, used wisely, a good solo ad provider can provide a substantial return on investment very quickly.

Secret 7: Training

None of us knows everything about Internet Marketing. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or have been doing it for years, there is always more to learn – that’s one thing that makes it fun! You will need to allocate some time each week to learning something new about the changing scene of Internet Marketing.

Take Action!

Review the three principles to see if Internet Marketing is for you. If so, use the seven secrets to build a profitable business. Enjoy your journey to prosperity!

Acquiring all the tools needed for the Seven Secrets of Internet Marketing can be expensive and time consuming. An autoresponder alone, for example, can cost anything from $15 to $300 or so per month, and you can spend thousands of dollars on training. I know – I have done so in the past!

I have found only one system that provides all seven tools at an affordable cost. If you’re serious about an internet business, go to this link now!

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(This article was previously published in Ezine Articles)

Alan Jenkin

Alan Jenkin has posted to several blogs for a number of years. His subjects include health and fitness, running, personal development and internet marketing. He lives in Texas and has a vacation home in the Caribbean, where his hobbies include boating and scuba diving. He is married to best-selling author Billie Willmon Jenkin.

New Domain Hosting Service Offers More for Less

Yesterday, GVO.com announced a new domain hosting package.  OK, I know domain hosting isn’t the most exciting topic around, but the interesting thing about this announcement is the price point.  Joel Therien has recognized that in the current economy marketers are looking to save money wherever possible: his new offering (Host Then Profit) is intended to meet that demand.

You may know that Joel moved from Canada to San Antonio, TX a couple of years ago to get better bandwidth and less costly support for his servers.  I used to be with Kiosk, Joel’s previous domain hosting company, which later changed its name to Global Virtual Opportunities (GVO). I left Kiosk because I found their service somewhat erratic and difficult to use.

Since then, I have used a variety of services, including GoDaddy and HostGator, before joining GVO again a month or two ago. I made this move when I recognized that I was paying too much for domain registration, domain hosting and autoresponder services. I found I could save money and also have a single point of contact for problems by moving all that under one roof.

Apart from price point and functionality, the three main concerns with a domain hosting service are:

  • Reliability
  • Ease of Use
  • Support

Kiosk had its problems with the second and third of those criteria. I’m delighted to find that the problems have now disappeared: the last few years have made a huge difference. So now I’m excited to see the new offering, which should fill the bill for a lot of marketers.

What does Host Then Profit offer?
It’s a “GVO Lite” package designed for marketers who want domain hosting for a limited number of websites but also need some of the other facilities a marketer requires, such as autoresponder, blogs, videos and a conference room. It also includes massive amounts of free training, notably the renowned GVO Academy webinars, which occur daily. (If you’re not interested in GVO’s other offerings, you might find value in these free training webinars, which cover everything from marketing to WordPress.) And, of course, if you need to upgrade to a more versatile account, GVO has the packages to accommodate you.

For me, the big saving comes in the free autoresponder that is included with all the GVO domain hosting packages: right now I’m paying for an Aweber account that looks after one non-profitable website that just costs me money! I am also looking forward to working with the Video Producer when I can find some time and, maybe later, the conference room. I pulled together some information from GoDaddy and HostGator for comparison with Host Then Profit, and created the following table:




Domain Hosting (per month)

4 domains




Domain Registration (.com)



$15 (after 1st.yr.)


(per year)





Email accounts








Blog Builder


Site Builder

Video Producer


Conference Room



*3-year rate


I hope I got all those numbers right: GoDaddy and HostGator always seem to have special deals going on, but my experience has been they catch you for the first year and then raise the price after that. The prices I have given for Host Then Profit are monthly with no contract. Oh, and by the way, there’s a $1 trial offer if you want to put a toe in the water.