Peaks and Valleys

Peaks and Valleys

I just finished reading Peaks and Valleys by Spencer Johnson, M.D.

It’s a wonderful parable about life. A short book, easy to read, but it has changed the way I look at the good times and the bad times in life. I recommend it to everyone who ever finds themselves challenged by the difficulties they face – isn’t that all of us?

The peaks are the good times in life, and the valleys the bad times.

In the story of Peaks and Valleys you will discover how you can:

  • Get out of a valley sooner
  • Stay on a peak longer
  • Have more peaks and fewer valleys.

When I started reading it, I was in a valley, but I soon came to a peak!   No, not because of the book, but because of what I was doing to get out of the valley. What I learned form the book was how to use that peak to prepare for the next valley, and how to use the valley to create the next peak!

Peaks and Valleys are not just the good times and bad times that happen to you: they are also how you feel inside and respond to outside events.

Peaks and Valleys are connected. The errors you make in today’s good times create tomorrow’s bad times! The wise things you do in today’s bad times create tomorrow’s good times!

Peaks and Valleys is a book about making good times and bad times work for you – and in your life.

Interested? Here is a link:

Peaks and Valleys: Making Good And Bad Times Work For You–At Work And In Life

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6 thoughts on “Peaks and Valleys

  1. rebeccarussell


    Great post….we need to keep looking for the peaks…and valleys are the reality…

    Will look for the book.

    .-= rebeccarussell´s last blog ..What Does Riding A Bicycle have to Do with Network Marketing? =-.

  2. alanjenkin

    Thanks everyone! I have passed the book on and am now thinking of getting another copy so that I can read it again!


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