Maintaining Motivation

This article is taken from a newsletter that I send to members of my running site at  The article is intended for runners, but the principles apply equally to running a home based businessNetwork marketers, in particular, will find the concepts valuable!

I just found a great article by Barbara J. Walker, Ph. D. in Club Running on Maintaining Motivation. She points out that we all know the importance of setting goals, but few of us know how to set them effectively. The goal-setting process, she says, comprises seven steps:

1. Define What You Want to Accomplish This Year

Set a performance goal for yourself based on what you accomplished last year. Think big, but realistically, and set a performance-oriented goal. In other words, set the goal for your own performance (such as PR) rather for an outcome (such as first place) over which you have no real control.  In network marketing, set a goal for a number of contacts or follow-ups made rather than a number of team members added.

2. Know Where You Are Right Now

Check your own records and get feedback from others on your current performance.

3, Be Honest About What You Need to Develop

This is a tough one, but it will pay off later. Recognize where the gaps are in your training and performance so that you can set goals to overcome them.

4. Set Sub-Goals

Break down your season goals into specific concentrated areas, like physical, nutrition and mental skills.  In network marketing the areas might be new contacts, presentations, follow-ups and specific training and personal development activities.

5. Create Performance Objectives for Each Sub-Goal Category

This is the most challenging part and is where most people fall short. It is the area that will help most in making daily gains and maintaining motivation. Make the performance objectives as specific and personal as possible. For example, if you would like to get in five to seven servings of vegetables a day, rather than write “Eat more vegetables” you would write “Eat 5-7 servings daily.”

6. Commit Yourself Completely

Be sure that the goals you have set are what you really want to accomplish and are capable of accomplishing over a period of time, otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure before you start! Committing to them means writing them down and sharing them with a trusted friend. Post them where you will see them and create a daily or weekly check-off list.

7. Continually Monitor Your Progress

Be flexible, and change the plan if it’s not working for you. Sometimes you will need to adjust for illness, injuries or making quicker or slower progress than expected. Don’t obsess over temporary setbacks – just adjust your schedule accordingly, but above all don’t give up!

I found this an excellent summary of how to maintain motivation, except that I would add one further tip:

8. Celebrate Your Successes!

Take time out to pat yourself on the back when you achieve your goals. You earned it! And above all, enjoy the process, not just the results.

Near the end of a Half Marathon

14 thoughts on “Maintaining Motivation

  1. dolphingroup

    For someone who couldn’t even write an outline in English class throughout grade school, setting goals can be an incredibly difficult challenge. But a place that one such as I can start is with the sub-goals — those daily things you want to accomplish, and then, as you say, enjoy the journey. As time goes on and the accomplishment of small goals is celebrated, then larger and larger goals can be set.

  2. Maggie Lancy

    Excellent Alan!
    Maintaining motivation is the key and one needs to go these tips and pints to continue to stay motivated!

    1. alanjenkin

      Thanks, Maggie! It’s interesting to me that motivation seems to wax and wane like the moon, often with no apparent connection to what appears to be happening. As long as I accept this and recognize that it will return, I don’t permit myself to become discouraged.

  3. Rebecca Russell

    Alan you are so right. You must have a plan of action to channel your motivation.
    .-= Rebecca Russell´s last blog ..FOLLOW MAMA DUCK!!!! =-.

  4. Lesly

    I was never taught about goals growing up and so I never had any! Now I find myself on a learning curve. I liked your article and gave me some direction, thanks! And is that you running? You look great!
    .-= Lesly´s last blog ..Are You Brainwshing Yourself? =-.

  5. Sue Collier

    Hey Alan,

    I’m surprised how much your runners article did actually apply to business too!

    Great article, particularly like the ‘monitor your progress’ bit. It’s so easy for life to get in the way of your goals, so its important to adjust your goals rather than give up completely!

    Great to connect with you Alan.

    .-= Sue Collier´s last blog ..The Internet Millionaire’s Summit Rocked!! =-.

  6. alanjenkin

    Thanks, Val – I really appreciate the comment. Thanks to the rest, too – the comments came in too fast for me to respond to each one 🙁


  7. Val wilcox

    I enjoyed your post. This is an area I’ve been building on lately and reading all these posts about the steps to accomplish this are great!

    I really like the sub goals. This resonates with me and works best. This way I still have the dream and can break it down into manageable segments. Keeps my spirits in the game!

    Val 🙂
    .-= Val wilcox´s last blog ..When the Why is Big Enough… =-.


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