Never Lose Anything Again

I lost documents, which is bad, but a friend of mine lost photos of his family. That may not sound bad, but the photos of his kids were irreplaceable – kids grow, and you can’t take pictures of how they once were!

Will You Be Ready for Retirement?

To enjoy life, we human beings need three key factors. During our working life we are continually exposed to these three factors without being really aware of them. During retirement, though, they are essential if we are to enjoy our remaining years.

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Chromecast is an inexpensive way to add smart TV features to a regular TV.  At $35, you can’t beat the price. Learn here what it can do.

Use it to connect your laptop, tablet or smart phone to your TV to watch Netflix movies, YouTube videos, your Chrome web browser and a host of other applications.

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Internet Marketing Explained

I found this cool video explaining how businesses use Internet Marketing, and decided to share it with you. It’s really good for explaining what we do to people who are unfamiliar with what Internet Marketing is all about and why they might need it.

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Live Your Passion

I just read a fascinating post from John van Zyl about the Rolling Stones. John is an Aussie Internet Marketer with his own tribute band called The Rolling Stones Experience.

He commented on the fact that many people were asking why the Stones still perform. They don’t need the money, so why do they do it? <Read more – click on the title!>

Sucess Comes By Helping Others

Many people think that you can say or do things that will get someone up off their rear ends and get to work. This is just not the case. You might be able to motivate someone with words for a temporary season but it doesn’t last. Motivation comes from within…and to be motivated one must first be inspired – like the spark that will become a flame.
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How To Make Money With A Website – Get Started Now!

Whether your business is internet marketing, network marketing or a brick-and-mortar business, an internet presence is essential. When was the last time you looked for a business without using the internet from a computer, smart phone or other device?

Create Secure Passwords With These 5 Tricks

Your computer data may not be as secure as you think. We are all aware of the importance of protecting our sensitive data from misuse, but few of us consistently practice secure computing. Follow these five recommendations to avoid becoming the next victim of a hacker.

Goal Setting For Fun And Profit – Part 2

There are two essential steps to setting effective goals – first, understand what you really want to achieve, and then see what can hold you back from achieving it. The previous article (Goal Setting For Fun And Profit) described the first step – how to go about finding what you really want. This article follows up with how to find an avoid the roadblocks that can stop your progress.

Make Money Online: The 7 Secrets Of Internet Marketing

To make money online you need to understand and apply these three principles and seven secrets. The three principles ensure that you are suited for an internet marketing business, while the seven secrets give you the tools you need to be successful.